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Chris Tibbles

Weekday Evenings with Chris Tibbles

Weekday Evenings

With Chris Tibbles

I’ve worked within the media industry for over 15 years now, in both radio and live TV. My job in the TV industry was nothing flash – I was behind the scenes at a leading shopping channel, but my radio career has seen me work with several local BBC and commercial radio stations throughout the UK presenting various shows. I have a passion for feel good music and so being a part of HeatwaveUK is brilliant, after all, that’s what we play all day!

Facts about Chris:

Age:   Well, I have grey hairs so ‘getting on’!

Favourite Food:   Curry. I do like a good Indian.

Red or Brown Sauce:   Brown, the daddy!

Tea or Coffee:   Coffee

Favourite Alcohol Drink:   Corona with a slice of lime

Car:   …I use the bus!

Holiday Destination:   I like the good old fashion English holiday…as long as it’s sunny!

Favourite Music:   Disco/soul/motown

Summer or Winter:   Summer – by far!

Favourite smell:   Petrol, freshly laid tarmac

Favourite film:   Anything funny

What do you do in your spare time:   Spending time with my family, cycling, ooh and I love a bit of karaoke

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